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Dating coach Adam Lyons explains in this article the exact technique you can use to really turn a girl on. Imagine being able to do this one thing that will trigger a deep attraction for you… as well as escalate the sexuality between the both of you.

Warning: You should know how to actually attract a woman before you attempt to turn her on, especially with this method. That’s why at the end of this article, I link you to a special video that you need to watch so that you can combine everything for maximum effectiveness.

A lot of women will often say that sleazy guys are like snakes and should be avoided. Which is ironic because it is from the snakes we learn this incredible technique that is almost guaranteed to get any girl turned on.

In order to use this technique, you need to understand a little about evolution and where we evolved from. At some point if Darwinism is to be believed, we evolved from reptiles. Reptiles you may have or may not have noticed… don’t have ears.

Seriously here are some pictures of some snakes,



Notice the distinct lack of ears. This is because they hear via touch. That’s why you see their tongues sticking out all the time. They sense vibrations in a unique set of bones they have in the back part of their jaw that enables them to sense/hear their surroundings. You also have those same bones only they’re not located in your jaw, they are located in your inner ear, and the three bones comprise your ear drum. Sound, in a weird way, is a lot like touch. If you punch somebody really really hard, it hurts – just like in the same way if you shout really really loud into somebody ear, it hurts. However, stroke and caress somebody, it feels really good. Whispering in someone’s ear does exactly the same thing. It all comes from this same concept.


One of the biggest complaints guys have when meeting girls in venues is how loud the music is…
but ironically it gives you the ability to use this incredible technique I’m about to share with you that makes girls turned on. Anytime you have the excuse to whisper into somebody’s ear in a low deep tone, it is the audible equivalent of stroking them.

So by whispering in her ear, you are essentially sticking your fingers into her mind and stroking around until she’s extremely turned on. The funny thing is that it doesn’t really matter what you say. In fact, any of the techniques on this website would be more than enough to work. However, what works best is to use anything slightly sexual in nature.


You can even say something such as “I like you” (Click here to fully understand why). The thing is, with this technique you can easily turn her on… but if you don’t know exactly how to follow up and keep her going, you will end up having a frustrated girl walking away from you. Walking away and going home with another guy that does know how to follow up. That’s why you need to watch this video right now. Like, literally stop everything and click to watch this video.

Because in it are some of my prized secrets where you will learn how to…
Rapidly create a bond so powerful, that it eliminates competition from other guys…
Trigger the chemical inside of her that causes her to fall in love…
Make the voice inside of her head work for you instead of against you…

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