This is how you get laid using Tinder

This is how you get laid using Tinder

In this article, Dating Coach Adam Lyons shares with you the method behind the rap battle madness from an original reddit post by Bryceratops5. When you understand why this is so powerful, you’ll be able to come up with your own unique messages that make you stand out from the other guys and gets you a date (and most likely laid).

I’m going to share with you a post that really caught my eye. When guys show me their messages from Tinder, it can take hours explaining to them the proper way to go about it. Some guys JUST DON’T GET IT. Luckily, it all comes down to the base formula for attraction which can be taught to ANYONE. If you’re still struggling with how to get a girl to like you, or even better, how to have her fall in love with you, then YOU NEED to watch the video at the end of this article that tells you the weird method I use to trigger a girl’s love chemical. After you’ve read through this hilarious rap battle, watch that video immediately.

Before I explain anything, read through the message below and try to figure out what he did right and what he did wrong…

Tinder Rap Battle

What went RIGHT and what went WRONG

His 3 options are great
He identifies that girls typically receive shit messages that are either pick up lines or lame greetings. He gives her those two options as false choices and then for the third option gives her something that’s not only fun, but also clever and unique.

It’s different
Which shows HE is different.

He qualifies her to take part by saying she has to promise to drop bars.

She shows interest
She shows interest with an offer to meet up on the condition he buys wine

He attempts to end the battle
He takes her up on the offer and attempts to end the battle. This is awesome so he isn’t stuck on the same topic and the conversation won’t go stale.

She keeps going
Although it’s not the direction he wanted, it’s a good thing because it shows she is having fun. Probably because he is more interesting than other people.

Wine neglect
In his rhyme he basically says he isn’t into it. This lowers his value. (Ex. You might not like somebody because they don’t like the same music you do)

She misreads the bite line
She showed disinterest once she thought the bite line was sexual (he was referring to a drink). Then moves in a negative direction

He moves on
By ignoring her negative direction and continuing on by dissing bing, it lightens the mood again and puts the focus on qualifying her again

Crushes her in the rap
He wins the rap and she gives up, which is the direction he wanted it to go initially

Logistics of the wine
To our knowledge, he fails to secure the date. Most likely due to lowering his value on the wine which is the only prerequisite she had for meeting up with him. As far as we can see, he never arranged logistics to meet up.

It’s still salvageable
However, he would have to say in brackets (ok btw that was the best rap battle I’ve found on here). Then keep a secondary conversation going in brackets so that he can move it to setting up the date.

All in all, a great idea and chances are, this guy doesn’t study dating. Thing is, the guys that study with me know exactly what to say word to word to a girl in order to have her massively attracted to them.

As I promised in the beginning of the article, I have a special video just for you When you’re meeting new people, whether it be from Tinder, online dating websites or in person, you need to know how to create powerful feelings of attraction if you ever want it to get sexual without actually boring her into flaking on you later.

In the video I show you how to…
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