The unique method I use to get sex

The unique method I use to get sex

Dating coach Adam Lyons unravels the one method he uses in order to get sex. This method is actually a real condition, but can easily be faked as long as it is intended for good.

Full disclaimer: You’re going to learn more about me in this article than you possibly want to. At the end after you have read it, I share a video that you need to watch which will teach you how to build up to the point (and beyond!) where you can start applying this method for maximum effectiveness.

I suffer from an incredibly rare disorder (that is easy for you to fake having) that makes it very easy for me to get consent from girls. With consent being such an important thing to do, you do have the bring up the concept of having sex with somebody before actually having sex with them. The beautiful thing about my particular disorder… is that I HAVE to bring this up before I have sex with somebody.

By making the conversation about my disorder as opposed to about having sex, it removes the awkwardness from saying “Hey, so are we going to have sex? Are you okay with that?” and instead puts the focus on me letting her know about the disorder I have. This disorder is called sexomnia. Basically, during my sleep, I have sex with anybody who is lying next to me. This is why it’s very weird for me to have guy friends over, and why I don’t allow myself to have any pets larger than a small cat.

What this does mean, is that before I bring any girl for a sleepover, that lying in bed next to me, there is a chance that in my sleep I will sleep walk over to them and have sex with them. Therefore, if they sleep over, they need to know in advance that this is something that I might do. By having the conversation like this, it makes it very easy to have a discussion about sex and that they’re okay sleeping with me knowing that I might try and have sex with them while I’m asleep.

This bypasses all the awkwardness about consent, makes the whole thing kind of funny and by making it known that if the girl sleeps next to me, that even in my sleep and not awake, I might initiate sex. I make it very clear that sleeping in the same bed with me is unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) triggering the likelihood that I will have sex with her in my sleep.

Yes sexomnia is a real thing. Yes I really do suffer from it, but it is a good excuse to bring up consent in a way that isn’t awkward.

But that brings up a whole other question… How do you get girls to come over for a sleepover? Yeah it’s great and all if you have a girl that’s willing to sleep in the same bed with you, but how do you get her there in the first place? Listen, you can follow all the advice on this website and get really good results over a long period of time after trying all of them out. But even though the advice I give on here is extremely sound, the advice I give my personal students is on a whole other level. We’re talking the latest secrets in attraction that most dating experts don’t want you to know and keep for themselves.

Most guys can’t afford one on one personal coaching with me to high-jack my brain and get these secrets. That’s why I came up with a solution I’m proud to call my Interpersonal Attraction Institute (IAI). This is a select group of students that meet our qualifications to join and are having their questions answered during live seminars every week and on our group page. Seriously, their results have sky rocketed so much that their main concerns are “How can I juggle multiple girlfriends?” or “What are the best sexual techniques to use during threesomes?” If you are truly serious about making this area of your life better, then you need to stop whatever it is that you’re doing and watch this video right now.

Why? Because it’s going to show you how to…
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