The trick to having the hottest girl in the room begging to meet you

Dating coach Adam Lyons gives the breakdown to have the hottest girl in the room not just wanting, but begging to meet you

Warning this article is not for the faint of heart. Seriously. If the idea of approaching a girl you’ve never met completely petrifies you, then stop reading this article right now. There are many articles on this website that will give you tips on how to start a conversation without having the impact that this one does (For example, The fun method my student used to get 4 dates this week). Having said that, if you do have the confidence to follow through with what you’re about to read, I guarantee you that NOT just the girl you want, but EVERY SINGLE girl in the venue WILL give you their attention and will be receptive to pretty much anything you have to say.

After you read this article in its entirety and gobble up the trick that will make everyone in the venue secretly begging to meet you, I made you a special video that will show you what to do in order to actually trigger the love chemicals in her brain. That should help keep up the momentum of her feelings toward you after using this trick if you’re down to keep her around!

As a dating coach who hears the problems of guys around the world, guys who constantly are struggling meeting the one girl (or girls) they truly want to meet, who are generally unhappy with their lives.. I enjoy giving tips or tricks like this away. Those who put this concept into place finally find success on some level to get them over a plateau they’ve been experiencing. The trick that I’m talking about is…

Spot the loud girl!

Every single venue has one. a girl that doesn’t care what others care about her, she is just there to have fun. She is screaming at the top of her lungs she’s ordering drinks for her friends, dancing at the beginning of the night way too early. This is a girl who basically has fun and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about it. This girl’s soul motivation is to attract attention and be the soul life of the party.

Nothing will get and hold more attention from everyone in the club than to ensure that this loud girl has the most fun. Picture this. That girl is doing everything she can to attract attention. And she’s doing it on her own which means it will be very difficult for her. There’s a chance her friends are joining in… but still… the more people that join in on her crazy party… the more she feels she’s winning, and the more she feels she is winning, the more fun she has. The more fun you enable her to have, the more other people in the venue will start to watch and be jealous of all the fun she’s having.


A lot of guys make the mistake of ignoring the jealous girl because she’s not their type.

Often the girl that’s doing this isn’t attractive enough to gain the attention based purely on looks, therefore she over compensates. However any amount of preselection is enough to make you look more attractive and if you’re making a girl have fun and smile at the same time, then that’s even better.

Once you do this… everyone else in the club now knows that hanging out with you will make them have fun and have a good time.
Nothing beats a simple walk up, “You’re awesome!,” a high five, spinning her around, and going into some impromptu grinding movies i.e. the movie Dirty Dancing. Just make sure that you’re making it look like actual dancing vs dry humping on the dance floor which will just make her think that you’re only after one thing. Yes you will have everyone’s attention but no one’s going to want to take you away that night.

As powerful as this is and as simple as it sounds, there are a lot of obstacles that may come along and ruin your plans. You have to be prepared to handle these with complete ease. What happens if the loud girl doesn’t want you to be anywhere near her? What happens if the girl you actually had your eye on is too busy having her own fun that she doesn’t see you with the loud girl? There are so many scenarios that you have to be prepared for and I can’t possibly teach them to you all in one article. That’s why I made this video.

In the video I show you how to…
Rapidly create a bond so powerful, that it eliminates competition from other guys…
Trigger the chemical inside of her that causes her to fall in love…
Make the voice inside of her head work for you instead of against you…

"Soulmate Trigger" Video


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