4 dates this week!

The fun method my student used to get 4 dates this week

Dating coach Adam Lyons explains a method SO SIMPLE that you can start using it today if you wanted a date EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week. The best part about this technique is that it literally requires the least amount of effort for the most amount of gain.

Not even joking, if you want to meet 7 new girls within a week requiring minimal effort, then this article is for you. The best part is that I have a special video for you to watch at the end that will teach you how to build upon this method so that you can.

Remarkably, it is possible to get a new date with a new girl every single day of the week thanks to a grocery store called Whole Foods. After years of training with me and spending thousands of dollars to get incredible results, I had a student who decided that after all the techniques he had learned from me, he wanted to be very lazy. He asked “If there was ONE THING I could do that would ensure that I would get a new date every single day, what’s that one thing I could do?”

I told him it’s very simple. Don’t eat alone.

This technique is one of the fastest ways to meet new people. It’s kind of like speed dating without any of the organization, competition or weird 50 second conversations.

Whole Foods

All you do is go to whole foods, order yourself a meal to go, look around the eating-in area, see a girl sitting on her own and walk up to her and say “Hey I’ve got this thing where I promised myself I’m not going to eat alone ever again, I’d love to join you for lunch. However, if you feel that I’m too weird, too strange or you don’t like the conversation, feel free to tell me to go and I’ll walk away.” By adding that disclaimer, it makes someone feel completely comfortable sitting down and having a conversation with a stranger. And then as long as you are using the techniques found throughout the rest of the site (Such as this, or this) then you should have no problem talking to the girl.

Now what happens when you meet the girl of your dreams while doing this? Do you know the exact words you can say that will make her want to date you? Getting a girlfriend is the hardest thing in the world… unless you know how to MAKE IT EASY. So easy that girls are approaching you instead. As stated earlier, there is a video that teaches you exactly how to make getting a girlfriend EASY, and you need to watch it RIGHT NOW.


Because the one thing that almost all my students come to me for… is to find the right girlfriend. And the ones that couldn’t afford a personal session with me, had no video or program to turn to… were left feeling alone and miserable they couldn’t get a girlfriend. So I changed that and made this very personal video so that you never have to spend another day alone left feeling miserable or worse… unloved.

In the video I show you how to…
Rapidly create a bond so powerful, that it eliminates competition from other guys…
Trigger the chemical inside of her that causes her to fall in love…
Make the voice inside of her head work for you instead of against you…

"Soulmate Trigger" Video


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