7 Things You Shouldn't Have Said

The 7 things you shouldn’t have said

Dating coach Adam Lyons reveals a list of 7 things that he can guarantee you have said to a woman and how it destroyed your respect as a man… and what you can do next time so that you keep […]

She can't reject you when you say this

She can’t reject you when you say this

Dating Coach Adam Lyons gives this easy-to-implement advice on how you can literally approach any girl and not get rejected. At the end of the article, Adam has also included a video just for you that teaches how you can […]

How Line Graphs Get You Laid

How line graphs get you laid

Dating Coach Adam Lyons uncovers the truth about sexual escalation and how to use this line graph method of incorporating it so that you can use it to get laid. Okay I can’t lie, we are a little bit guilty […]

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