Where is your perfect girlfriend hiding?

Where your perfect girlfriend is hiding

Dating coach Adam Lyons reveals in this special article where your perfect girlfriend has been all along. The best part about this is that it is unique to everyone’s tastes and beliefs for the absolute perfect girlfriend.

Once you’ve learned how to meet and attract people, it’s not long before you realize that the real issue is finding somebody you want to be with. Sure you can get a girl that’s hot but you quickly find that you may not have enough in common with them and they don’t make the greatest girlfriends. Or… the girl’s you’re meeting don’t seem to be the kind of person you want to bring home to mom.

This is all assuming you know how to talk to a girl in the first place. Luckily, I don’t like to make assumptions and that’s why I have included at the bottom of this article a special video just for you where I reveal my top secrets on how to attract girls.

Whether you’re looking for a kinky ex-pornstar to fulfill your every sexual fantasy, or a comic book nerd that will go to the latest conventions and cosplay with you… There is one tried and true method of how to find your perfect girlfriend.

I almost don’t want to write this article because this has been my secret weapon to meet girls for a long time and I usually reserve it for guys that spend thousands of dollars on training.

Meeting a hot girl and having sex is fun, but ultimately after you have sex and you get two weeks into the relationship, the relationship is more than just having sex. Although we like the idea of having sex 23/24 hours of the day (the other hour reserved for sleeping and playing video games) the reality is, the relationship needs more substance than this. This is where most relationships tend to fall down because you have nothing in common. There is one place that you can go where you can almost guarantee that someone else has a hell of a lot in common with you and there is a lot of people to choose from.

This one place is CONVENTIONS.


Seriously you can find conventions on just about everything. You can find conventions for models, conventions for fashions, cars, porn, boats, fishing, sex, video games, comic books. By making sure you identify all the different conventions and feel free to travel to these things, you will find that you can probably hit 3 to 10 conventions a year that have a plethora of women to choose from. The best part about this is the hottest girls who are into these different hobbies are found at these conventions.


The good news is that most people that attend these conventions are nerds, dorks and geeks. But not nerds, dorks and geeks like you and me. They’re nerds, dorks and geeks that don’t know how to meet attractive women. With the skills that you’ll learn on this website (such as this or this), you’ll be more than a match than any of the competition and you’ll have a ton of things to talk about with the girl you meet.


Perhaps, most important of all, every girl you meet is perfect girlfriend material for you to have a wonderful fulfilling relationship where you can both indulge in your hobbies… even if those hobbies involve dressing up as a furry animal and acting out your favorite scene from Bambi. Seriously, I don’t know where I get this stuff from.


The only down side is the question of… What if you don’t know how to attract her? Are you ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN if you saw your perfect girl in front of you right now you would be able to have her fall head over heels for you? Don’t worry, I gotcha man. That’s why I have made this special video for you where I share my deepest secrets on how to get women attracted to you.

In the video I show you how to…
Rapidly create a bond so powerful, that it eliminates competition from other guys…
Trigger the chemical inside of her that causes her to fall in love…
Make the voice inside of her head work for you instead of against you…

"Soulmate Trigger" Video


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