7 Things You Shouldn't Have Said

The 7 things you shouldn’t have said

Dating coach Adam Lyons reveals a list of 7 things that he can guarantee you have said to a woman and how it destroyed your respect as a man… and what you can do next time so that you keep your respect, increase her attraction for you, and get the girl.

Have you ever been in conversation with a girl… only to find that you said something that made her go cold… change her demeanor towards you… or completely avoid you? The things we say actually matter and after you read this article start to finish, you should watch this video that tells you how to trigger the “attraction chemicals” in her brain and gain her trust. Without further ado, here are the 7 things you shouldn’t have said to her…


1. Do you want to go on a date?
No one goes on dates. you do events. you do things. It’s okay to grab a coffee, okay to go to the zoo. to watch a movie. not okay to go on a date.


2. Will you be my girlfriend?

Even if you’ve been hanging out with a girl for 6 weeks and you’ve had sex twice, it’s never okay to say “will you be my girlfriend” Girlfriend status is assumed and if you’ve never had the discussion, that’s okay let her be the first one to bring up exactly what the status is. As a man, we don’t need to worry about these things. If you’re wondering about whether she’s your girlfriend or not. Then the answer is she’s probably not your girlfriend she’s just a girl that’s having casual sex with you.


3. Is my penis big enough?

If she’s at a point where she knows the size of your penis. Then the assumption is that you guys are already having sex. Asking if your penis is big enough or satisfying enough, is just showing a lack of confidence in a situation that she has already shown you that you are more than worthy enough. If she’s  willing to have sex with you, then your penis is more than adequate. Yes, even if it’s only 2 inches.

Remember that the clitoris is only 1 and a half inches on the inside of the vagina. 2 inches is more than enough to get the job done.


4. Do you love me?

If you have to ask.. then you’re either aware that you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be and you should just fix that rather than asking her if you’re doing enough. And if you’re just asking because you want reassurance, then a much better thing to do is to tell her the things you like her doing that make you feel loved. FOr example if she doesn’t hug you enough to the point you have to ask her “Do you love me?” to instaead say, you know what, I really like it when you hug me. If there is anyway you could hug me more often, I’d appreciate that. Or you should go out of your way and hug me more often. Telling them what to do to make you feel more loved is much better than asking for validation


5. Can I have your number?

The minute you say that, you sound like every single cheesy guy in the club. Literally, every single guy she’s met has asked her “can I have your number?” A much better phrase is to ask “What’s the best way of staying in touch.” This leaves them free to suggest phone number first which means she’s the sleazy pickup guy and you’re just some cool guy she’s hoping to get with. It will also stop the awkward embarrassment when you’re talking to some foreign chick on an exchange program telling you that she doesn’t have a foreign phone number yet. And then you’re left trying to figure out the based way of communicating. Asking her the best way to stay in touch allows her to point out that she has WhatsApp and that that is probably the best way to communicate. Also there’s a slim chance she’s just going to say Snapchat and then send you nudes. Which you miss out on if you go purely for phone number



6. You’re so hot.

Without giving any specific reason for why you think somebody is attractive, you don’t let them actually respond to the compliment. “You’re so hot” is a generic phrase she has heard many many times before from builders when she walks by construction sites. People don’t put effort into being hot. They put effort into specific things (i.e. getting her hair done). This is why a girl would prefer a compliment on how awesome her hair looks, which she spent 4 hours in a hair salon and $300 to get done versus just being told she’s hot.


7. I love you.

Use I like you instead. Check out this article for a full breakdown why “I like you” is a good phrase to say versus “I love you.”



Although 7 of the most common phrases are listed, I’m sure you can think back to the multiple times you have said something when you shouldn’t have, that aren’t found on this list.

In fact, have you ever met an INCREDIBLE girl, only to find out you didn’t know what to say, or you were unable to show her the real you, or you just completely blew it and she never wants to talk again? We all have said something at one point to lose the respect of the girl… to lose attraction… to completely lose her.


It has happened so many times that I decided to create a very personal video that teaches you exactly what to do to create and then “lock-in” attraction with a woman…

In the video I show you how to…
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