Setting up an open relationship

Setting Up an Open Relationship

Dating coach Adam Lyons breaks down the types of open relationships and teaches the foundation to starting a healthy open relationship.

There are two types of open relationships, and after you read this article in it’s entirety breaking down each of them, you need to watch this video. Why? Because it will show you how to create the high levels of attraction that you need to meet a girl that is down for an open relationship.

There is friends with benefits, which is the term that most people are aware of, and there is also multiple long-term relationships.

The big difference between the two, in the friends with benefits scenario, you are having casual sex with one of your friends and you both are free to see other people. This isn’t explicitly discussed between the two of you and quite often one of the parties will not be seeing anyone else in the mean time, as they are focusing on work or something similar.

In a multiple long-term relationship scenario, one or both parties are both consciously seeing other people, despite the fact that they may be living together. They are both very open about their scenario.

Whichever one you’re looking to set up, arranging an open relationship for the first time is always best done at the beginning of a relationship rather than after you’ve already started it. If you’re in a committed relationship with somebody and tried to shift it to an open relationship, while possible, this can create incredible strain on somebody as you’re essentially taking away something that they had. What they had was security that it didn’t matter if they did something wrong, that you would forgive them, stay with them and not move on to somebody else. By moving to open, you’re adding competition. The fact that they have to potentially compete for your attention with somebody else can create a fear of loss.

But if the relationship is set up right from the beginning and the person knows exactly what to expect, than they go into the relationship thinking about things the right way and it’s a much healthier way to go about it.

Setting somebody up for an open relationship really doesn’t have to be that difficult.
The key is knowing what you want on the way in. Most of the time it’s better to tell somebody before the first kiss that you are polyamorous, and only date people who are willing to be in open relationships where you’re both free to experiment and see other people. However that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to worry about losing you, the benefit of open relationships is that you never really have to break up with anybody.

In fact the only reason you break up isn’t because you met somebody else, it’s that something in this particular relationship is no longer good or it has become harmful, and therefore the relationship should end for the benefit of both parties. By being willing and open to talk about the kind of relationship you require before you meet somebody, it not only shows that you’re open and honest (which are the correct qualities in order to maintain an open relationship ) but it also shows that you’re mature enough to discuss what you want. Whether or not you are in an open or closed relationship, communication is the key for a successful relationship.

If you have an idea of the type of girl you want to start an open relationship with, you have to know the right things to do in order to build heavy amounts of attraction while you’re in a relationship with someone else. That’s why you have to watch this video right now so that you don’t miss on that perfect girl..

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