How to add another girl to your relationship

How to add another girl to your relationship

Dating coach Adam Lyons explains the best way to add another girl to your relationship. If you’re not already in a relationship, you may want to go about setting up an open relationship first so that you can do this. Check out this article if you want to set up an open relationship.

At the very end of this article, there will be a video that tells you exactly how you can use the information in this article in order to trigger a woman’s brain chemicals of attraction so that she will be much more open to the idea of joining your current relationship.

Adding another partner to your relationship should only ever be attempted if you and your partner both agree. Doing it behind their back, having false consent where they just haven’t said no yet… doesn’t count. You should have multiple discussions first before partaking in it.

The easiest way to start the process is to bring it up during sex after you already have had the conversation. Talking into your partners ear during sex is a great way to stimulate the mind sexually, as well as develop and explore different fantasies that they may have. If you’ve discussed this in person, then it should be totally acceptable to bring it up during sex. Whispering in somebody’s ear what a third party might be doing while you are doing will give you a very quick assessment of whether this is something that’s sexually arousing or not. If it comes off as sexually arousing, then it is very easy to continue to pursue this until that thought becomes more of a burning desire.

This can be built upon by watching pornography and exploring stories online involving multiple partners. Once the concept of adding another person has been fluidly discussed and it’s something that you’re both definitely into, then the next step is finding the right person.

The easiest way to find the right person is to go out and get them. Going out individually unfortunately can cause problems such as the person you’re interested in won’t get a full assessment of the two of you. Also, while you might know who your partner is, the new person doesn’t. This could cause complications later on if they only like one of you and not the other. Meeting them as a couple bypasses this, and also makes the hunting that much more enjoyable for the two of you.

Naturally it makes sense for you to look for your partner in liberal areas. Liberal areas are a little bit more open sexually, however there’s no limit to where ever you can go. Arguably, the fastest route to go about meeting somebody else is to create a joint online dating profile, having pictures of both of you explaining that you’re a couple looking for a third. This is a fast and easy method to meet somebody, and the best part about it is that you can do it while sitting in your room and most of the techniques on this site that we teach on this site can easily be tweaked for a couple.

The thing is, knowing the right thing to say to get an incredible girl to join your relationship is tricky. The good news is that I have created this personal video just for you so that you can go about handling this as smoothly as possible.

In the video I show you how to…
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