How Line Graphs Get You Laid

How line graphs get you laid

Dating Coach Adam Lyons uncovers the truth about sexual escalation and how to use this line graph method of incorporating it so that you can use it to get laid.

Okay I can’t lie, we are a little bit guilty of click bait in this article. However I’m not kidding when I say I will be using a line graph in order to explain to you the best method of getting laid. The best part is that after learning the method in this article, I have included a video that tells you step by step exactly how to rapidly trigger a woman to think of you as her “Soulmate”. So there’s an added bonus!

Here’s the line graph.

Blank Line Graph



Okay line graphs make a whole lot more sense when you put words in them.

Here’s the same line graph but with words:

Sexual Escalation Line Graph


Notice on one side we have sexual escalation and on the other side we have time.

Here’s an example of what not to do:



Most people leave sexual escalation until later on the in the interaction. It’s almost impossible to have sex with somebody that you’ve never kissed. It’s almost impossible to kiss somebody that you’ve never hugged. And hugging somebody that you’ve never touched is equally as difficult.

Sexual escalation is a sequence of steps that should be performed correctly – and each step should continue an increase of severity as time increases. Therefore, it should start at the beginning of the interaction when you first met them.

A little bit later on you should move on to a high five or some kind of prolonged hand holding. Following which you put your arm around their back for some kind of a hug, which will eventually move on to a full embrace, at which point you can move on to light kissing on the forehead which will lead to a kiss on the cheek, followed by make out. At which point, it’s time for it to go down. You can then move on to changing locations to a place where it’s actually possible to have sex.

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