Have Her Fantasizing About You

Have her fantasizing about you

Dating coach Adam Lyon tells in this article how you can become a part of her biggest fantasy so that she is constantly dreaming about you.

I realize that the people who read my articles are not at equal stages in life. Not everyone is going to be able to incorporate what I teach into their daily routine because everyone is at different stages. That’s why after you read this article, you need to watch this video I made to solve this. Because in this video I go over the steps to take for triggering the chemical that makes her fall in love. Seriously, I reveal secrets I usually reserve for my paid clients in this video, and it’s something that everyone, no matter which stage of life they’re currently at, can benefit from.

It’s a lot easier to piggy back a fantasy that a girl already has rather than trying to force one on her. As much as we like the idea of her dreaming about her having sex with us every night… unfortunately that roll is usually is reserved for Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, George Clooney or whoever that guy is from the Twilight series.

In order to become her fantasy, you need get her comfortable talking about fantasies. The easiest way to do this is to play a fun game of “20 Questions” and then at some point ask the question “What’s one fantasy that you’ve have that you have never felt comfortable enough to tell anyone before and/or that you don’t believe you’ll ever experience”

Once you have that fantasy securely tucked away, at a later point in conversation, bring up the fantasy and say that she should totally make it happen at some point in her life. Followed by that you’re a firm believer in enabling people’s fantasies. Assuming the conversation is going well and that you’ve managed to build attraction – you can move next to her and whisper in her ear the steps you would take to make that fantasy a reality.

This does two things.
One, it vibrates her inner ear bones (check this article to read more on how that turns her on and releases oxytocin)
Two, it associates her previous fantasy with you.

It does mean at some point that you will have to fulfill that fantasy.

DISCLAIMER: I will not be held liable for any crazy fantasies from strange women that you choose to partake in. Consider doing them at your own risk.

However once that connection has been made, it’s almost impossible for it to go away and you will associated with her biggest sexual fantasy.

As I mentioned earlier, I made a video that reveals my latest secrets that I typically save for my paid clients. Regardless of where you are in your life, you need to watch this video right now. Seriously, stop everything you’re doing and watch this video.

In the video I show you how to…
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