5 Myths About Polyamory

5 Myths About Polyamory

Dating coach Adam Lyons breaks down 5 common myths when it comes to polyamory and why you might have the wrong idea.

Before we get into the 5 myths about polyamory, know that there are way more than just 5 and that I literally get inundated with emails asking me about polyamorous relationships. The truth is, a lot of people, both guys and girls, are interested in starting this kind of relationship. The thing is, you have to know exactly what to say in order to attract the perfect girl for this kind of relationship. After you read this article, make sure to watch this video I made especially for you that teaches you how to trigger the chemical in a girl that makes her fall in love.

Myth 1.) Polyamory is a new idea.
This simply is not the case, as you can find in my other article The Starter Guide to Polyamory. Polyamory has been around for many many years, written about in The Bible, Egyptian history, and even The Iliad of Homer.

Myth 2.) Poly people are sex addicts, fiends for sex which means they are extremely promiscuous and unsafe.
As far as polyamory is concerned, everyone is unique and polyamory doesn’t refer to the sexual needs of a person. Delving deeper, many people have the misconception of what a sex addict is. Sex addicts have a compulsive need to engage in sexual behavior regardless of negative consequences. The sex that I practice, as well as teach my students to have, is safe for the well being of everyone involved. There is nothing wrong with wanting and having a lot of sex as long as it doesn’t affect a healthy every day way of living.

Myth 3.) Polyamory fixes all the problems that monogamous relationships have.
This is not true. There are benefits to both types of relationships. I go over these in my other article “Why Throuples Thrive and Couples Die.” An example would be that Polyamorous relationships have the added benefit of having extra resources such as money, time, and attention. They also have the problem that someone can easily feel left out and want to leave to try a more traditional relationship.

Myth 4.) Polyamory is a solution for cheating.
While not the best course of action, there are many reasons why someone might cheat, such as not getting enough attention, not feeling needed or no longer feeling attracted to their partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean polyamory is the right decision for them either. Healthy polyamorous relationships are similar to monogamous relationships in the fact that they are built off of trust and honesty. The very definition of cheating is being dishonest about a sexual encounter. That doesn’t match up to polyamory which at its core root means to love many. Being dishonest by cheating on many isn’t very loving.

Myth 5.) Polyamory is a way to avoid commitment.
Although those who haven’t been in a polyamorous relationship typically think that it involves little commitment, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Currently, not only have I been in a polyamorous relationship for quite some time, but I also have a son with one of my partners. Even if we were to side step the fact that children are one of the biggest commitments you can ever have, there’s also the fact that communication exists every day. It’s very easy for someone to feel left out in the relationship if one partner is getting more attention than the other. It takes twice the effort to keep everyone happy, and that effort is a commitment in itself.

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